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Hmmm. I wonder what Menuetto can offer that isn’t already covered by Marked App on Mac? Seems like a direct competitor/copy of an existing product without any added functionality. Currently featured on the Mac Appstore too.


I really enjoyed taking this video journey with Stephen Hackett, examining the strengths and weaknesses of an industry-defining laptop from 2001, Apple’s Titanium Powerbook G4. I remember lusting after one of these when I finished design college. It felt like ‘perfection’.


Wow. Season 7 of Suits came to a rapid conclusion. Not sure I’m ready for two of the central characters to exit the show. Season 8 might be a thing, but I’m not convinced I want to keep trying to watch it. Better to leave on a high note?

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Rob Pike makes a case for ‘dumbing down’ our smartphones for the sake of combating our increasing screen addiction, likening smartphones to ‘pocket casino’s’ in how they reinforce attention behaviours. An extreme position, but a relevant issue for today’s parents to consider.


I find it curious how referring to an established concept by a different name allows one to view it anew with fresh eyes. James Clear identifies how ‘Akrasia’ can be a barrier to getting things done and outlines three methods to get over this hurdle.

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Ahh Westworld. How I missed you the last year. S02E01 already had me going ‘WTF?’ by fifteen minutes in. Setting a high-bar for the rest of the season, I’m excited to see what’s to come. Glad I haven’t seen any spoilers, although I feel as though I have to shut my eyes online.


Some unsurprising results from a study on FOMO: We all experience it and it has physiological and psychological effects that suck. It doesn’t matter if what you are doing right now is great, your brain still experiences FOMO, if you know a friend is doing something without you.

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Every once in a while, I attend a study day at work where I come away feeling informed about relevant new research, skills and knowledge as well as equipped to work more effectively with my clients. Had one of those days today. Feels like a bonus being paid to learn ๐Ÿ™‚


M.G. Siegler makes a number of observations about the attitudes of tech industry professional’s demonstrating an increasing loss of touch with reality. His point: The real issue in tech is the response to privacy issues, which is a symptom of a general attitude change.

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