Emergant cogitations


Amazing to consider how long ideas such as linear motors and magnetic levitation have been around. This video shot in 1975 by Eric Laithwaite is a smooth and natural example of teaching and showmanship that feels so rare today. Also: The man can seriously catch!

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I was introduced to a photography tool by Topazlabs called AI Clear that is available as part of their Topaz Studio product. AI Clear both sharpens and reduces noise, intelligently, with just one click. No joke, it makes a night and day difference in my photographs. Worth it.


Red Sister is the first book in a fantasy trilogy by Mark Lawrence. It’s a gritty, visceral, page-turning book that exposes the darker side of humanity from the unsettling perspective of a far-from vulnerable 8 year old girl. I’ve already started on the second book. Go get it.


For those of you with a partner who hogs the bed sheets, the Ervét Duvet System looks like a perfect solution. A magnetically joined dual-duvet bed cover, it allows for duvet inners of different weights and will dynamically split apart when pulled by an over-zealous partner.


Going back to a two monitor setup on my Mac makes me feel like I’ve been walking around with a patch over one eye all this time. I have depth of field and peripheral vision again, the world is richer, brighter and fuller.


I love reading about how modern science is being used to identify and solve historical mysteries. Reading this article made me think how strange and terrifying it must have been to live through these events whilst having little idea of the cause. Fascinating.


One of my guilty pleasures is playing board games with a group of friends. I’m intrigued by The Tainted Grail, it has co-operative gameplay, a well-realised fantasy setting, and some gorgeous miniatures. The asking price is pretty reasonable too.


I have high hopes for Luminar 3, due out December 18th. This version of Skylum’s photo editing software will be released with an accompanying DAM, called Libraries. It’s been promised for over 18 months. Hoping the DAM will make Luminar a Lightroom replacement.


I recently read Skyward by Brandon Sanderson. Don’t let the Young Adult category get in the way of enjoying this book. It’s classic Sanderson – excellent world-building, deceptively shades-of-grey character work, and an action-oriented narrative.

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