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B David Zarley at The Verge:

Chiu is acutely aware of what’s at stake: if the diagnostic and custom treatment guidelines her lab’s algorithms discover are infected with the same human biases already at work in society, they will simply codify — and perhaps even strengthen — those biases... Further complicating matters is the lack of ground truth in psychiatric data sets, a human-vetted training set with which we can test the machine’s learning. A machine learning algorithm, which diagnoses, say, skin cancer, has a training set of samples which have been biopsied and cataloged, leaving no doubt as to whether they are malignant or not. But there is no biopsy for mental health disorders, at least not yet.

An intriguing article by B David Zarley at The Verge about using machine learning to potentially diagnose mental illness. Interesting to note those challenges common to machine learning and those unique to mental health diagnosis and the interaction between them.
By Andrew Ford

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