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As an Airpods user I am excited to give Airbuddy from Guilherme Rambo of 9to5Mac a try. For $5 this macOS Mojave app provides the same battery-status case-opening experience as you get with Airpods on iOS, plus a quick connect button. Seems worthwhile, although many disagree.


An intriguing article by B David Zarley at The Verge about using machine learning to potentially diagnose mental illness. Interesting to note those challenges common to machine learning and those unique to mental health diagnosis and the interaction between them.


Recently I’ve been getting more work done on Windows 10 rather than macOS. Long story. In the process I’ve been looking for a substitute for iCloud Photo Library and have landed on Google Photos. Putting aside concerns about giving Google more data, it’s really, really good.


I’m pleasantly surprised when companies like Backblaze make it easy to use ancient pre-purchase codes (from 2013, no less). This ethos makes me happy to spend more money with them – win,win. Incidentally, I feel like I finally have my big-boy computer backup pants on now.

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Merry Christmas from New Zealand, everyone! Wherever you are and whomever you’re with, I hope you have a blessed and relaxed day and a chance to connect with those significant people in your lives.

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