Emergant cogitations

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Cleaned the inside of my car yesterday, in the process I discovered 15 pens I’ve ‘found’ at work and thought I’d since ‘lost’. I’m pen rich! (for another week or two, at least).

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I was disappointed to read this article in stuff.co.nz about seclusion practices in children’s mental health in Christchurch. The article focuses more on condemnation rather than finding better solutions. The subtext being that child mental health workers don’t know any better.

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I find it truly amazing how seeing the world second-hand through a child’s eyes makes everything seem more vivid, sound more nuanced, feel more immediate and taste brand-new. Noah’s delight in the simple things around him makes my reality come alive in ways I had forgotten.

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Eitan Chitayat writes about his experience trying to live smartphone free with a series of journal entries written across a week. He surprised himself with how much richer life can be without smartphones to fill ‘moments’, but also how hard it was to go ‘cold turkey’.

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I just finished watching the first season of Mindhunter on Netflix. It had me hooked by the second episode, despite the slow start. It’s carefully paced throughout, with the sheer intensity of the prison interviews offset by the characters personal and professional lives. Heavy.

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I had a good mm-hmm moment reading this article by James Clear on the difference between motion vs action. I know I’m certainly guilty of being in motion far too often. Although I’d argue the article could drop the ‘smart people’ from the headline, this is an everyone problem.

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